Honor everyone. Love the family of believers. (1 Peter 2:17 NRSV)

It has often been noted that Jesus never called people sinners. The woman was not an adulteress. She was a person of worth who had committed an adulterous act. The man who stole is not a thief but rather a person of worth who has committed a grievous crime. When we say God loves the sinner but not the sin, we are stating the most foundational truth about the meaning of agape love. It is a truth we need to apply to our lives as families. Separate the action from the person.

A man eating in a nice restaurant complained to the waiter that the lobster on his plate was missing one claw.

"I'm sorry, sir" said the waiter, "but our lobsters are so fresh, they fight each other in the kitchen.

"Well, take this one back," the man said, "and bring me one of the winners!"

Remember we are all winners in God's family!

Dear Jesus, thank you for making me a winner. Help me to share your winning spirit! Amen.

Ron Newhouse

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