Live in love, as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us, a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God. (Ephesians 5:2 NRSV)

A young man walked into a jewelry store and told the clerk he was looking for an engagement ring. The clerk took out a tray of rings and stood back to allow the man to make his choice. The young man picked up a right and asked the clerk, "How much?"

"That ring is $1,500, sir." he said.

The young man was astounded and gave a piercing whistle.

When the young man picked up another ring and asked the same question, the clerk replied gently, "That ring, sir, is worth two whistles."

Each one of us is also worth two whistles!

God made a statement on Calvary two thousand years ago. There were two signs that hung above Jesus' head. The unbelieving world saw only one. It read, "King of the Jews." The believing eye, however, sees another: "In this is love."

Dear God, thank you for making me in love. In Jesus' name, Amen.

Ron Newhouse

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