...choose this day whom you will serve, ...but as for me and my household, we will serve the LORD." (Joshua 24:15 NRSV)
Peggy Terry was living in Montgomery, Alabama during the bus boycott of the 1960s. Viewing the turmoil firsthand absolutely changed her life. "It didn't leave you in the same comfortable spot you were in," she says. You had to be either for it or against it." She remembers seeing white men picking up black women and throwing them into the buses.

She recalls seeing Martin Luther King, Jr. beaten up outside the city jail. He came out of jail in all white clothes, she remembers, and about five or six white men began beating him. Something clicked inside of Peggy Terry. Peggy was there with some other white people to watch the turmoil. "I'm so thankful I went down there that day," she says, "because I might have gone all my life just the way I was." At the jail she saw people beating up Dr. King who did not fight back. "He didn't fight back, and didn't cuss like I would have done and he didn't say anything," Peggy recalls. "I was just turned upside down."

As she watched what was taking place she felt something stirring inside of her. At that moment she realized that she had to do something. Before night came she too had been arrested and found herself in jail. From that day on she joined the protests for racial justice. "I felt I was doing something." Peggy says, "I believe that you act on your beliefs."

When God speaks, decisions must be made.

Lord Jesus, show me the tough decisions I need to make. Amen.

Ron Newhouse

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