They are ever giving liberally and lending, and their children become a blessing. (Psalm 37:26 NRSV)
A small boy, sitting on his grandfather's knee, noticed that Grandpa had a red mark on each side of his nose.

After looking for some time, he asked, "What gave you those red marks on your nose?"

"Glasses," was the reply.

After further reflection, the little boy asked, "Glasses of what?"

Children can keep us off balance, can't they? One mother, writing about her toddler, was mystified that a child who can swallow three bottle caps and a paper clip can choke on a mouthful of mashed potatoes.

It doesn't seem possible, but it's part of the mystery of being a parent. I want to encourage all parents today. Being a parent is a challenge, but it is also one of God's great blessings.

As Christians, we spend a lot of money and energy on bringing people to Christ. And we should. That is our mission. But, one of the greatest mission fields is with our children. What a great joy it is to play a part in bringing our children to Jesus Christ!

Dear God, thank you for your children. Give me the encouragement I need to share Christ with them. Amen.

Ron Newhouse

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