Peace to you. The friends send you their greetings. Greet the friends there, each by name. (3 John 1.14 NRSV)

"Greet one another" had much the same significance as our modern handshake. To withhold the greeting was a sign of a broken relationship, and to give it was a sign of acceptance and love. There needs to be visible expression of our love toward one another if we are to know New Testament fellowship. Some of us are negligent in this aspect of our fellowship. In our haste we neglect to show our love and affirmation of one another. We need at the least a good handshake and greeting when we come to the house of God. These things are the part of the human work of building the fellowship of the church.

A young preacher right out of seminary was called to pastor a small mountain church. Very excited about his calling and winning everyone on the mountain to God, he went door to door evangelizing. He stopped at one farm house and the farmer greeted him. The young preacher asked, "Are you a Christian?" The farmer replied, "No, I believe they live a couple miles down the road." "No! No!" exclaimed the young pastor. "What I want to know is are you lost?" The farmer's reply was quick, "Why, no, I've lived here for some 40 years." In desperation the young preacher finally lowered both barrels. "What I want to know is," said the young preacher in desperation, "are you ready for the Judgment Day!" "When is it?" asked the farmer. "I don't know," said the young preacher. "It could be today or tomorrow!" "Well," replied the farmer, "come back when you find out. My wife will probably want to go both days."

"Greet those who love us in the faith."

Dear God, remind me to warmly greet others with your ever giving love. In Jesus' name, Amen.

Ron Newhouse

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