So he said to them, "You are those who justify yourselves in the sight of others; but God knows your hearts." (Luke 16:15 NRSV)
A man named Kenneth Gibble tells of spending his after-school hours as a child in the feed mill where his dad worked. He enjoyed playing in the section of the warehouse where the bags of feed were stacked in deep rows. "I loved playing games of pretend," he says, "with the feed bags becoming in my imagination hills and valleys, boulders to hide behind, dark caves to hide inside."

Sometimes one of the workers would come into the warehouse where Kenneth was playing. He would delight in spying on the worker without being seen. "I was an Indian waiting in ambush," he fondly recalls.

As Kenneth got older he began to realize that his pretend game of hiding in the feed mill represented his understanding of God. His thinking went like this: God is the one watching them from a distance. "You had to be at least a little bit of afraid of this God," Kenneth says, "because you could never get away. God could look inside your head and read every thought."

Yes, God knows all about us, but God still loves us!

Dear God, in the mist of all my shortcomings, I stand in awe of your great love for me. Amen.

Ron Newhouse

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