Not that I have already obtained this or have already reached the goal; but I press on to make it my own, because Christ Jesus has made me his own. (Philippians 3:12 NRSV)
Beverly Masek is a Native American living in Alaska. Beverly was born and raised in Anvik, a very small village in the interior of Alaska with a population of about seventy people. Anvik is one of the sites on the legendary Iditarod. The Iditarod is a dog-sled race where one person runs through blizzards, ice and wilderness for 1,029 miles! The racer is all alone with no help, expect the dog team. The musher, as they are called, has to provide for himself or herself as well as the dogs. It's the most astounding test of human courage and strength imaginable!

When Beverly was only twelve-years-old, she said, "Someday I'm going to do that." Beverly has now successfully completed the Iditarod run four times!

When pastor Robert Schuller interviewed Beverly. Here is what she told him, "I have to feed the dogs. I lift the dogs (seventy or eighty pounds) and I weigh only one hundred pounds. You have to be able to take care of the dogs year-round. There are times when I feel like I don't know if I can continue but I have to trust the Lord to help me because every mile, as we get farther into the race, I get more tired and have to rely on my dogs completely. But then again there always is that shining light at the end when I focus on reaching my goal."

Will you let God help you with your dreams and goals?

Dear God, give me the strength to reach the goals you have for me. In Jesus name, Amen.

Ron Newhouse

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