All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit. (Acts 2:4 NRSV)
Can you imagine, though, sleeping through a tornado? Bill Bryson says his grandparents pretty much did. One night they were suddenly awakened by a roaring noise like the sound of a thousand chain saws. For a few moments the whole house shook. Bill's grandfather got up, plodded over to the window and peered out. But he couldn't see a thing, so he climbed back into bed. He didn't realize that, at the very moment he was looking out the window, a tornado was thundering across their lawn.

The next morning Bill's grandparents woke up to a beautiful sunny day. But as they looked out on the fine day they were surprised to see trees lying everywhere. Going outside to get a better view, they were astonished at how close the path of destruction had come to their house. Their garage was gone -- there was no sign of it anywhere. That's the sort of things tornadoes do.

The disciples of Christ were caught up in something very much like a tornado on that first Pentecost Sunday. Early one morning, while they were all together praying, they heard a sound unlike anything they had ever heard before. The sound they heard was, "like the rush of a violent wind." And there lives were forever changed.

Dear God, my I also be changed forever as you Holy Spirit lives in me. Amen.

Ron Newhouse

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