May integrity and uprightness preserve me, for I wait for you. (Psalms 25:21 NRSV)
Forty-year-old Laura Cooper works in a sales office in the Midwest. She works in the same office as her brother-in-law, John. Laura says that more than anyone, John was instrumental in leading her Christ. What made a difference in Laura's life was not eloquent, persuasive speeches. Her transformation from skeptic to believer had mostly to do with how John lives.

A turning point came one morning when John took one of her calls. It was someone Laura wanted to avoid. "Tell him, I'm not here," she said. John took the call but later felt badly about having lied. He talked with Laura about it. He told her he had confessed to the Lord his sin of lying and that he could no longer lie for her.

"As we talked about it," Laura says, "I came to an new understanding about his beliefs and his convictions about sin. It made a big difference." It wasn't his "preaching" that moved her, but his integrity. Laura watched how John treated other people. "I had never seen a man more devoted to his wife than John," she says. "I knew instinctively that the Lord was in their life, and that was the reason for their special relationship." From that moment on Laura began attending church; her real search was just beginning.

Nothing is more appealing than a life that has been authentically touched by the Master's hand.

Lord Jesus, may your touch bring great integrity to my life. In Jesus name, Amen.

Ron Newhouse

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