The LORD looks on the heart. (1 Samuel 16:7 NRSV)
There was an amusing magazine article sometime back that revealed a few of the tricks makeup artists working for the Miss America Pageant use to keep America's beauties beautiful. You may enjoy these tricks. You may even consider trying them.

1. Dirty hair. One of the pageant's hairstylists admits, "Dirty hair is more manageable. I can make a style fuller and stay better."

2. Face Putty. Used to cover up lines, scars, and pockmarks, and to create "porcelain" complexions. One makeup artist says: "I've even gone so far as to use mortician's wax mixed with the makeup."

3. Vaseline. Smeared on the teeth so that contestants can smile easily--even if their mouths dry up from nervousness.

4. Preparation H. (Hey, I'm not making this up.) The hemorrhoid ointment is smeared on eyelids and under the eyes. According to one makeup artist, "It smells pretty bad, but it removes puffiness." (1) These are the tricks used by Miss America contestants to make them look good.

God doesn't care about our good looks or lack thereof. God does care about the beauty of our heart.

Dear God, help me to have a heart of rich love for your children, especially those I'm with everyday. Amen.

Ron Newhouse

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