All who exalt themselves will be humbled, and all who humble themselves will be exalted. (Matthew 23:12 NRSV)
Doby was the first African-American to play for an American League team. The year was 1947. Doby was a promising rookie for the Cleveland Indians. He didn't look promising, however, his first time at bat. He was tense and nervous. He swung at three pitches and missed each of them badly. His first time at bat and he didn't get within a foot of the ball. Slowly he walked to the dugout with his head down. He picked out a seat on the end of the bench and there his rested his head in his hands.

A player by the name of Joe Gordon was on that same Cleveland team. Joe was an outstanding second baseman. He batted right after Doby. Gordon had a good record batting against the pitcher who was on the mound that day. But something quite extraordinary was about to happen--the stuff of baseball legend. Joe Gordon went up to the plate and missed three pitches in a row--each of them by at least two feet. Then he walked slowly to the end of the bench and sat down next to Larry Doby. Then Joe Gordon slowly put his head in his hands.

Did Joe Gordon strike out that day deliberately? We will never know. However it is interesting to note that every time Larry Doby went out on the field from that day on, he first picked up Joe Gordon's glove and tossed it to him.

How do we handle our successes or failures in life?

Lord Jesus, when I am successful may it not be at the expense of another. When I fail may I not blame. In all things, may I build up the community of faith. Amen.

Ron Newhouse

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