Has not God chosen the poor in the world to be rich in faith and to be heirs of the kingdom that he has promised to those who love him? (James 2:5 NRSV)
One time a woman was flying on a plane across the country. She was feeling afraid and sorry for herself and very annoyed by the sniffling of a little boy sitting beside her. She scolded the man on the other side of the child for not taking care of him.

"This child isn't with me," he said, "I thought he was yours."

The little boy wiped his tears and said, "I'm with nobody. When my Aunt Maggie gets tired of me in New York, she sends me back to California, and my aunt in California doesn't want me either and sends me back to New York. I was kind of...scared...and wished someone would pay attention to me."

So what did the woman do? She forgot her fears and her loneliness and her annoyance, all her sour feelings. She put her arms around the little boy, who snuggled against her and fell asleep with a smile on his face. Of such love is the kingdom of God.

Dear God, may my love extend your kingdom. Amen.

Ron Newhouse

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